Carnitas flavored kisses for my Damon

I’ve just finished a lovely warm bath accompanied by a ice cold glass of margarita and Alan Richman’s book, Fork it Over. For dinner I made carnitas that I pilfered from a catering gig and doctored to make it taste more like my own, served with roasted tomatillo salsa with a touch of gastrique, sour cream, and hand made corn tortillas. As I keep forgetting to include a vegetable I tossed sliced cucumbers with lime juice, chipotle powder, and sea salt. I had a bowl of slowly rotting citrus fruit that I turned into sweet and sour mix, added a reposado tequila, and a splash of Amaretto over ice to complete the meal. Earlier I had been searching online for a Guinness Chocolate cake recipe for a close friends groom cake and came upon a recipe for “Guinness Goodness,” a chocolate and Guinness custard topped with a “head” of Guinness whipped cream. This was met with “Oh my god, oh my god, this is so good, if I eat any more I am going to puke, finish this for me.” This being said as spoon after spoon of layered creamy goodness entered his mouth, leaving only a streak of remains upon the utensil. Not quite Mexican, but who’s counting?

I had planned on making my next door neighbor a special belated birthday dessert so I grabbed a used blue birthday candle, my blow torch, and a glass of Guinness Goodness and headed over there. I knocked and as I heard the handle turn I ignited my BernzOMatic to light the candle, which scarred the hell out of my neighbor, who was dressed in his pajamas and trying to put his kids to bed. They all laughed, his wife commenting, “I have never met someone that uses a meat mallet to assemble furniture and a blow torch to light a candle.” What can I say? I’m special. 

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