Bittersweet Cafe

Dulce de Leche PuddingChocolate SelectionBittersweet Hot Chocolate

I approach the register to ask if anyone ever overdoses here. I am getting a to go box for the brownie, that we have only managed to get an 8th of the way through. Damon pokes at his espresso marshmallow floating like an iceberg in a pond of bittersweet hot chocolate. I would imagine that too much of this place could turn you off of chocolate due to pure saturation.

The spicy hot chocolate that was recommended to me is heavenly with a devilish side. We mentioned that we were coming to Bittersweet to a couple of local jewelry artists and in unison their eyes rolled back in ecstasy as they recalled the dulce de leche pudding. Not wanting to pass up that recommendation either, I added that to the order and I had the same reaction as it left the spoon and coated my palate. All too quickly we were overcome with gluttonous nausea.

The selection of boutique chocolate is impressive, but thankfully not overwhelming. The only thing that truly threw me off was the amount of children coming in for milk chocolate and chocolate milk. Not our Hershey’s and Quik.

(510) 654-7159
5427 College Ave
Oakland, CA


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