I love, love, LOVE Podcasts!

I love, love, love podcasts!

I no longer dread the ridiculous commutes of the Bay Area simply because I have taken full advantage of the podcasts available on iTunes. I listen to them on nature walks, while cooking at home and at client’s homes, in the car… basically any time I have to listen and learn. I am a multi-tasker by nature, as are most chefs, and culinary podcasts are my ultimate learning indulgence, as I have both hands free to cook, clean, steer, or enjoy a glass of wine. As a podcast addict for close to 2 years I have compiled a list of my top faves which I believe anyone and everyone in the industry should be listening to, whether it is food, wine, travel, or current events, you will find the best available here:

CPN: Culinary Podcast Network

A roundtable of culinary related podcasts, everything from a podcast from a culinary school in Chicago to the amazing Mark Tafoya, the host of ReMARKable Palate and a self trained private chef from New York that seems to have been everywhere and has the accents to prove it, along with his partner, Jennifer Iannolo, the host of Food Philosophy, an is equally fun and informative podcaster.

KCRW Good Food

My absolute favorite! Evan Kleiman is an incredible interviewer and chef that gets the best guests. The initial segment, a trip to the local LA farmers market has become one of the segments I look forward to the most, produce that I have never heard of become something I have to have and experience as the descriptions leave my mouth watering and my culinary mind wandering, it becomes almost a treasure hunt for me at my local grocers and farmers markets. And the restaurant reviews by Jonathan Gold almost make me want to visit LA!

NPR Food

Clips from the weekly food related news, on occasion they do a fantastic sister podcast Hidden Kitchens, but not nearly as often as they advertise.

Deconstructing Dinner

What is a frightening look at the foods we grow and eat, Deconstructing Dinner is an unbiased, no holds barred podcast from British Columbia, hosted by Jon Steinman. What is meant to educate consumers to give them “a more discriminating awareness” will scare you more than Fast Food Nation and Super Size Me combines. Be ready to look at all foods in a whole new light.

San Francisco Chronicle Wine

W. Blake Gray concentrates on a bargain bottle of wine every week and is hilarious to listen to, once pairing a wine to guinea pig in Ecuador, and another time chastising, no make that ripping Pinot producers a new one, for making their wines too fruity. I love this guy and usually wait to listen to a month’s worth in a row as they are all usually around 4 minutes each.

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