Chicago May Repeal Foie Ban


After a recent conversation with Chef Mark Tafoya of the ReMARKable podcast, my interest in the Foie ban has resurfaced. How dare anyone tell us that we cannot eat a natural product, produced under the careing hand of an ethical American farmer? I’ve see how eggs are produced and that would terrify you. These are animals excited to eat, that run indoors from a grassy field, to troughs filled with high quality feed; they are not being attached to hoses shoved down their throats like we are lead to believe.

When Chicago banned foie most of us that have experienced the velvety untious product, seared or poached, were outraged, while the uninformed went along with it. Now it seems that the people responsible for passing the ban may be overturning it. Could it be that they acctually tasted what most foodies would make their last meal?

As 14 of Chicago’s finest congress men have already signed an appeal as of June 18th, Chicagoites may be able to once again legally order the foie pizza at Connie’s.

Let’s not have this happen again, shall we?

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One Response to “Chicago May Repeal Foie Ban”

  1. I feel the same way about this issue. How dare the government tell me that I can’t eat this food product… one that is steeped in tradition and culture. One that tastes delicious and is treated as a genuine event when its consumed. How dare the government turn a blind eye to the millions of chickens, pigs, cows, and calfs that suffer every day so that the average american can eat cheap meat. ‘Ban foie gras’ they cry! (But that’s only because it’s an esoteric food that not too many people eat anyway.) It’s a bunch of balony if you ask me…

    I didn’t know that Chicago might reverse its decision though… that’s cool. Thanks for letting me know!

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