Last Night’s Dinner

As the impending wedding and date to pay off all credit cards approach, I am trying to cook dinner at home as often as possible, which means raiding the pantry, possibly squirling away catering leftovers, and buying proteins and fresh veggies as little as possible. You might think that a chef wants to cook at home. The nutty ones do, the rest of us are too f ing tired and would prefer to drink our dinners and order out. But I welcomed the challenge versus dwelling over the wine club subscriptions sucking away at my Mastercard, and trying to fit more food into our already overstuffed pantrys. So far, it’s not been so bad.

Last night I looked in the fridge, had some presliced hallah from a catering event that was doomed to mold any day, this became the motivatioin for the ensueing menu. I took off for Safeway as I needed cascade and wax paper, thus unable to go to Trader Joe’s for everything, and ended up buying baby zucchini, smoked Fontina (a new thing to me), and the smallest pack of O organic chicken breasts I could find.

Once at home I whipped up a bread pudding with a couple of eggs, heavy cream, milk, fresh ground pepper, salt, and the smoked fontina that I shredded in the food processor. Into a mini le cruset casserole pan and into the toaster oven. Next I marrinated a chicken breast in Far West Funghi’s White Truffle Dijon Mustard. To die for! When the bread pudding came out I tossed the chicken breast and the mini zuc’s in the oven with a lovely organic olive oil and some kosher salt until the chicken was fully cooked and the zuc’s were a perfect texture. Last I thought, “What a waste to not have a beurre blanc with this.” So I threw together some left over Screw Kappa Napa Sauvingnon Blanc, shallots, heavy cream , and butter. Voila, a perfect meal to watch while consumeing the latest instalment of Top Chef on the DVR.

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