Schmitt Sohne Riesling 4 pack

tonights-dinner-and-le-cheval-010.jpgtonights-dinner-and-le-cheval-010.jpgtonights-dinner-and-le-cheval-010.jpg I am a huge fan of having booze easily accessible for every occasion, be it a paddle boat ride, a ball game, a picnic, or just cuz I can.  Being the classy gal that I am I switched from the emergency half case of wine in my trunk to a small cooler filled with an assortment of tasty beverages. SF Chronicle’s Blake Gray did a glowing podcast review of Three Thieves individually boxed wines about a year ago which prompted me to pick up the 4 pack at Whole Foods. Like juice boxes for adults, it is no wonder that I am now hooked on the concept.

Most of us normally don’t go to Target for wine, but you go there for everything else, so why not? I was actually looking for the now elusive individual boxed wines by Wine Cube, when I spotted one of my favorite widely available Rieslings, in a 4 pack of 187ml screwtop bottles! This wine ends up on almost all of my wine lists as it is light, lovely, very affordable, and pairs with so many cuisines. At only 9.5% alcohol, this wine is perfect for a middle of the day escape. Either poured into a Riedel glass or drank straight from the bottle, your day is bound to get that much better.

 A bonus: available at select Targets for under 10 dollars.

A side note:

Let me just say thank god for research! Sometimes I later find out why I love certain wines by stumbling on some unknown fact, and this is no exception. One of the three thieves is none other than Joel Gott! The master behind the mind blowing Zin’s, Taylor’s refresher, and the much missed Palisades Market. I love this guy! Way to revolutionize this nasty little was-close-to-be-forgotten-trend! You turned “Ew!” into “Ahh!” I have to admit that I have only tried the Pinot Grigio as I have not quite gotten up to having a red out of a box, but I thoroughly enjoyed its albino brother on a paddle across Lake Del Valle, after a catering shift in the city with a friend, and poolside on a hot summer day.  

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