Wanna do a shot…of King Cobra Juice?

Snake Juice

Well neither did I, then my fiancé dared me to. In the darkened corner of a bar at an undisclosed restaurant in the Bay Area, was a jar, filled with ginseng, goji berries, a King Cobra, vodka, and god knows what else. I was told by the bartender that I would have mental clarity, that pain would disappear, I would have better circulation, and inevitably, my sexual prowess would be enhanced.  

I envisioned the restaurant chanting, “Do it! Do it! Do it!” as I stared down into the illegal libation. Maybe it was a combo of the Tums, a day of drinking in the sun, Vietnamese iced coffee, and the snake juice, but I felt amazing after the punch in the gut feeling went away.

 The bartender joked, “I hope you don’t work for the FDA.” I responded, “No, I work against them.”

SkeeredWhoa! It’s working!!!


2 Responses to “Wanna do a shot…of King Cobra Juice?”

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