Last Night’s Dinner



This time the fingerling potatoes in my fridge were the inspiration for dinner. I picked up a tube of Mexican chorizo, a bottle of Mexican crema, and a bag of frozen white corn.

I cut the fingerlings on the bias, tossed them in some olive oil and salt, then roasted them in the toaster oven until they were nice and brown on the outside. Meanwhile I cooked the chorizo in the skillet until it was reduced to a spicy, oily, bright red mass. After moving that to a bowl, I tossed in the defrosted corn andĀ sauteed the kernals until the sugars came out and they began to brown. Last, but not least, I made a perfectly cooked over easy egg to top it all off with. A personal feat.

Assembly time:

Spread crema in a circle on the plate, scatter roasted corn, toss potatoes with the chorizo, and mound in the center of the plate, top with egg and crumbled cotija cheese. Salud!

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