The Best F ing Ice Cream Sandwich Ever


If it gets better than this, I don’t know if I can handle it. I had just finished up listening to a podcast about ice cream and was starving for a snack when I went to Whole Paycheck Foods for a couple of dinner items. Could I have waited until I got home and made a filling and ridiculously healthy dinner? Not once I saw the RubyJewel handmade ice cream sandwiches. Sure I would have grabbed a piece of fresh local fruit, but this, this was calling my name.

Then came the decision, with 3 different flavors to choose from: Espresso with Cinnamon Chocolate Cookie (too many NoDoz today for more caffeine), Honey Lavender with Lemon Cookie (actually if my eyes weren’t shaking from the caffeine I would have picked this one) and my personal fave flavor combo, Fresh Mint with Dark Chocolate Cookie. Wow! I love It’s Its, but the middle always seems to bulge out and the cookie is too sweet, the weird ones with the paper wrapper that sticks to the odd cakey, sticky chocolate layer never seem to satisfy, and the Blisscotti are pretty close to perfect, but this, was perfect. Pillowy, crunchy, chewy cookies sandwiching luscious yummy minty ice cream. It wasn’t until I read the calorie count that I started to have second thoughts, but by then it was too late and it was gone.

I really love their simple and catchy packaging, with sayings like, “all natural. all good.” and “We all scream.” and “Best if eaten by: you/today”, “Keep Frozen, Stay Cool.” The back goes into brief detail about their socially responsible company, which led me to their website where Lisa, the owner furthers her greatness factor by stating:

“We are proud to say we are nearly 100% waste free. We recycle and use everything. We have also figured out the exact amount of energy is consumed to make each Ruby Jewel Treat and we have purchased carbon off-sets through “

Makes me want to buy a hybrid biofuel ice cream truck and start hocking these ridiculously awesome treats…

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