Jesus, not our chocolate!


While I had heard about the proposition to allow fats other than cocoa butter into chocolate a while ago,  I just now made it onto the infamous boycotting website started by Bay Area based chocolatier Gary Guittard.Who I recently had communication with about the matter:

Hi Gary,

I write for and a few chefs and I are wondering if there have been any updates with the Docket Number # 2007P-0085 case. Good luck, we are all rooting for the purity of chocolate.


Melissa Smith

Thanks Melissa!

The FDA has reported 34,000 responses and that they would be concerned with any changes to the present standards because of the unprecedented response. It remains to be seen how the CMA will respond  to this new information.

Until then,


Here are some of the quotes outlining the gist of this topic taken from the website:

“it appears some members of the U.S. Chocolate Industry are supporting a change in the basic formula of chocolate, by allowing the use of vegetable fat substitutes in place of cocoa butter. In our opinion, these changes will adversely affect the eating, physical and nutritional qualities of chocolate”“Changing the current “Gold Standard” for chocolate by allowing the substitution of hydrogenated or chemically-modified vegetable fats for cocoa butter will also have a dramatic impact on cocoa growers in Central and South America, the Caribbean Basin, Africa, and nations in Southeast Asia at a time when the global chocolate industry is working to improve working and economic conditions of these developing countries’ farmers. In fact, the plan to substitute these types of vegetable fats for cocoa butter would cause a disastrous economic impact on their livelihoods as the demand for cocoa butter would likely decrease and prices would plummet as some manufacturers switch to the cheaper substitutes.” 

April 25th was the cutoff date to submit the letter refusing the change to the FDA, but there is no word on whether it has gone through or not. It’s bad enough that the majority of the chocolate in the majority of the stores is so bad, let’s not let it get any worse, shall we? Unless, of course, the substitute fat is from yummie foie…think about it.

One Response to “Jesus, not our chocolate!”

  1. I was shocked to hear about the possible changes in the chocolate industry! I use primarily E. Guittard chocolate in my goods, so I know the quality wouldn’t suffer in *my* kitchen, but it scares me to think what would be coming out of others!

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