Breakfast at the Ferry Building


Do I really want to sit and have a proper breakfast or just pick up a cup of coffee and a pastry that never seems to last quite long enough? I want to sit and continue reading about Marco Pierre White and take advantage of being at the ferry building hours earlier than I would have chosen to wake up today. An outdoor table at the curious Boutilles Larder pulled me in, and soon enough I am presented with a short menu of random selections, all basic but shining in their simplicity. As I decide on the canaroli rice pudding with cocoa syrup, a handsome server offers me an extra order of toast that was misordered from the kitchen. The soft butter melts to a sheen on the warm bread as the ruby fig jam seeps into the crevasses. I am served water from a specialty made french press with bamboo charcoal at the bottom for filtration. Sure, it tastes great, why not?
 I order coffee which arrives in a single cup french press with a bowl of organic sugar and a pitcher of cream. Just as the San Francisco fog is growing on me the sun appears as does my breakfast. Not sweet, but pairing nicely with the acidic cocoa syrup that tastes like a fine winey Hershey’s. On to the coffee and adrenaline filled book that is “The Devil in the Kitchen.”

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