Cooked: From the streets to the stove, from cocaine to foie gras


This is another amazing autobiography by an amazing chef. This book is not so much about the food as it is about Jeff Henderson’s amazing life growing up an ambitious crack dealer who was a millionaire before he was 20, to a hard life in jail that lead to eye opening self discoveries, and finally his release where he pursued his dream to become a chef.

Nothing is sugar coated. I am sure that he left out the rougher aspects of the streets and prison, as well as indulging in all of his escapades as a hustler, but you get a genuine feel for what he went through from his life as a child of divorced parents, to his life achievements of becoming a chef, a mentor, and a parent himself.

The book itself is incredibly well written, and with no mention of a ghost writer, Henderson is a master of words and story telling, as well as the stove. His efforts to make up for his past are being taken on ten fold in the form of motivational speaking, various organizations and charities, and hiring rehabilitated felons at the Café Bellagio, where he is the executive chef. Jeff Henderson’s story  is truly one of success and determination.

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