A little lesson on nachos

No, this isn’t a recipe for one of my favorite semi junk foods, it is however a warning for anyone thinking about ordering them in either of my two favorite Bay Area venues. The Parkway Speakeasy movie theater in Oakland and the Warfield in San Francisco both offer super yummy black bean nachos for the entertainment of your palate, in the dark. The thing is, every time I order these I come out of the theater with nacho condiments splattered on my shirt, and sometimes in my hair. Luckily for me, last night at the Bravery concert I had layered a black shirt under the newly frijole flecked white one and was able to escape prolonged embarrassment by switching them. Shouldn’t they be serving food that won’t quietly roll off of a loaded chip and onto your wardrobe? Or maybe I should just bring a bib, either way, it was an honest mistake.  The Bravery – An Honest Mistake

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