An evening in the life of a postal server

So, I’m working as a server in a casual fine dining restaurant in the Bay Area, let’s just call it “Ocean Seasoning”. I’ve been there for just over 2 months. I wouldn’t say it is a “terrific” experience, but whatever. It has given me my much appreciated time to bond with the customers, which I love…unless it is parents that bring in their horrifically behaved children and act just as badly as them. Case in point: we have this woman, who is a regular, and her infant son. He sits in his highchair and SHREAKS while his mom squeezes squeaky toys in his face in a failed attempt to stop and distract him, all while managing to piss off the rest of the paying customers and give me a migraine that starts in my clenched teeth. On top of that she allows the child to litter the area with god knows what combination of regurgitated baby food and the artesianal bread that we bring to every table. I had a table actually get up to leave because of this completely unacceptable situation and I was THIS CLOSE to telling the mother that.

People come the f@#k on!!! Get a baby sitter, tip large, and be F ING considerate!!! You are ruining the experience for everyone and causing me to want to overdose on birth control.

P.S. 20% is good. We make minimum wage and the IRS assumes that we are getting a minimum of 10% tips that we get so heavily taxed on that we seldom receive an actual paycheck because of the amount of tips taken out. Oh! And if you ever get something comped or discounted, tip on the original amount. And any and all beverages are included in that total. Hmmm…what else? Patience is a virtue, trust the chef and don’t have things removed or substituted unless of an allergy, put the toilet seat down and wash your hands after using the bathroom…

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