1+1=3 = Great Bubbly


A chef friend of mine was inspired to use this beautiful cava in a zabaglione, and offered me a taste of the rest of the bottle. Wow! Definitely one of the best cava’s I’ve ever had. Tight little bubbles, nice and dry but very balanced, it tasted like happiness, a wine that would make you smile versus turn inward for careful thought and analysis.

My chef had no idea where the bottle had come from so the search was on. Of course I found it at the ferry building so as I was turning the bottle over I was holding my breath…$13.00!!! Definite a score for those that just want to celebrate because it’s Tuesday, or shower time, or because your morning oj might be that much better with a bit of bubbles.

For further reviews visit CellarTracker and The Zeitgeist Blogger.


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