Best Sandwiches in America by Esquire Magazine

I know I’ve had a few of these, any that you’ve tried? Some of these are purported to to be “come to Jesus” sandwiches, “transcendent,” with buns like “lingerie”and “the best morning after sandwich ever.”
Of the 39, “Unranked, unimpeachable, and incomplete, …coast-to-coast list of the finest meals on sliced bread,”these were the most noteworthy of the bunch: 
McDonald’s Multiple Locations
The pickles slay me. The other components of the McRib — sauce, meat, onions, bun — are straight outta barbecue antiquity. But the pickles are an unexpected wacko touch. Is that how they do it in . . . what, Kansas City? Because I grew up an active citizen of fast-food nation, this is what my palate has been calibrated to want: the overdetermined tang of the sauce, meat that tastes slightly of the mixing vat, the grace note of those pickles. I look forward to its occasional rerelease, because however artificial, it tastes like the real thing to me. –Scott Dickensheets
 (Are you serious?! Maybe I should try one…)
Grilled Cheese
Café Muse, Royal Oak, Michigan
Grilled cheese: Wonder bread, Velveeta, and a clothes iron. Or: Havarti, for creaminess. Mozzarella for gooeyness. Fontina for bite. Honey to linger on the tongue, paired with the sharp anise nip of fresh basil and the sweet tang of grilled tomato. (317 South Washington Avenue; 248-544-4749)
“…and add a clothes iron.”
Polish Boy
Freddie’s Rib House, Cleveland
Soul on white. A pipe’s length of kielbasa is wrapped in a bun and mounded with french fries, then dressed with coleslaw and barbecue sauce. Ignore any toxic runoff: Locals consider cuff stains a red badge of courage. The genteel can request a fork, because, yo, every circus needs a clown. (1431 St. Clair Avenue; 216-575-1750)
Oh hell yeah.
Ham and Cheese
Primanti Bros., Pittsburgh
A relic of Pittsburgh’s steel days, this sandwich was made for steelworkers who had to eat fast. Everything that typically comes with a sandwich comes on it: meat cooked hot, bacon, tomato, provolone, pickles, slaw, an egg for fifty cents extra, even fries. Shove it in your lunch box. (46 Eighteenth Street; 412-263-2142)
I 100% agree. After having “The Colossus” last June, a sandwich of fried fish, simple coleslaw, tarter sauce, and french fries…I knew I was ruined.  
Weren’t on the list but shoulda been:
Taylor’s Refresher’s Ahi Tuna Burger (St. Helena and San Francisco, CA) Pan seared Ahi tina over asian slaw with wasabi mayo on an egg roll. Oh shiz.
Sea Salt’s Lobster Torpedo Roll (Berkeley, CA) Butter poached lobster served on a soft baguette, period.
Anderson’sBeef on Weck (Clarence Center, NY) 

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