Santorini under attack!

Oh noes! My new favorite wine region is under attack by mother nature! The island of Santorini has not seen snow in fourteen years, yet this month the white death has blanketed these fragile vines. 
Decanter seems to believe that this isn’t so bad…
“Although unusual, the appearance of snow is unlikely to have an adverse effect on the vines. Plants which are now green may be affected but the now-dormant vines will not.”
Actually, it sounds quite beneficial. The winemaker Haridimos Hatzidakis says that the microorganisms that would “otherwise destroy the vine wood have become inactive”, the snow should cause an “irrigation effect” that will benefit the intensely dry soil, and help the wood of the vine to form!
As long as my Santorini Assyrtiko remains available, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow. 

One Response to “Santorini under attack!”

  1. Wow…kind of a cool spin and very optimistic view from the winemaker. I hope everything turns out okay…I know how it feels to lose your favorite wine to unfortunate circumstances. LVC recently lost one of their best and most used grape and now so many of their wines will forever have “something missing” and never be the same.

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