“World’s Sexiest Chef” backs up foie!

Jean -Christophe Novelli, a man who won’t back down to those ignorant, violent, harassing, activists that brutally vandalized his restaurant because of foie. 
Now I had no idea who this chef was so I did a bit of research and this quick synapsis should clue you in to his celebrity status:
’99 New York Times Article titled “The Chef as Beefcake”: 
“When Jean-Christophe Novelli flew to New York from London last month to promote the American edition of his titillatingly titled cookbook, ”Your Place or Mine” (Clarkson N. Potter, $35), his arrival was heralded by a barrage of smoldering head shots — forelock dangling, dark eyes burning — and news that the British magazine Harper’s & Queen had voted him the world’s fifth-sexiest man: ”Tall, dark and delicious,” it gushed. An article in the June issue of Food & Wine on ”Sex and the Single Chef” goes even further, likening chefs to groupie-plagued rock stars.”
Much, much, more herejan_novelli172965full.jpg… 

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