“Celebrity” chef Jennifer Biesty eats at Ocean Seasoning

Ever have one of those moments where you know that you know someone intimately but can’t even come up with their name much less how you know them? After running through the details I can remember and questioning how…in a slow motion trying-not-to-be-obvious manor I figure it out as I am clearing plates from a near by table. “That’s! That’s! Oh shit! That’s…” “Shut up!” my chef glowers at me.

That’s what I get for watching reality tv…this isn’t the first time I’ve done this, I tend to get a little star struck no matter who they are. There’s been Joe Montana ( I touched his oysters), some chick from The Real World, Rene Russo, the amazon from 3rd Rock, Tara Reid, anyway, I tend to forget where I am but manage to compose myself before I start to gush uncontrollably. Either way, after my shift glass of wine she gets up to leave, says thank you, and I say, “You rock, by the way.” She seems totally caught off guard, but says thank you, and my only response is. “Somebody had to say it.”

What a lucky week at Ocean Seasoning 🙂

By the way, has anyone read about this?!

And Yelpers responce

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