Urban Chickens

I find myself fantasizing about owning a home a lot lately. First it was just day dreaming about having a refrigerator that could hold a sheet pan and a stove that I could flambe on, now it’s about having goats to mind the yard and chickens to provide eggs. With the economy in the dumps, the salmonella out breaks, and Whole Paycheck Foods killing my budget if I decide to go there for organic cilantro, the thought of being a self sufficient urbanite is looking more and more apealing.

Believe it or not it started, for me, with a comic about a goat being cheaper to have cut the lawn than paying for gas for a lawn mower. I do not have a green thumb by any stretch of the imagination, but I love animals and having something else do the work for me!

I was reminded of all of this listening to one of the recent Kootenay Coop Radio’s Deconstructing Dinner Podcast, in which the number one chicken fanatic, Bucky Backaw talks about these amazing Eglus. The website is amazing, if you have the time go through it and you’ll learn more about eggs and chickens than you may have cared to, but you also may end up sold on the concept.

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