I heart Blue Bottle

My first experience with Blue Bottle was a single unadulterated shot of their espresso at SPQR during my interview with chef Nate Appleman. By the end of it I was pleasantly shaking and couldn’t wait to come down so that I could get another fix. Well having to wait to track it down when I got around to going into the city was no longer an option. Thankfully you can order their beans, that are practically roasted to order, straight off of the internet. Beware of their ordering policy, if the order is not in by noon on Sunday you will have to wait a week and a half until the next batch is roasted then delivered to you. I did not expect to have to wait that long for something that I was craving so intensely. 

When it did arrive I promptly released it from its packaging, brewed a nice hot batch of A16‘s signature blend then set about making the New Orleans iced coffee that would consume another 12 hours of anticipation before it could be strained, doctored with simple syrup and half and half, and savored. 

I’m not on the ceiling yet but this is about the most perfect iced coffee I’ve ever had.

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