An Evening with Sherry Yard

It’s been 8 years since I first met this amazing woman at Spago in Beverly Hills. I had just gotten back from an impromptu drive from Napa Valley to Mexico right after the millennium New Years, (hey why not?) and had decided to stop by the restaurant on my way back. It was between lunch and dinner service and god knows what I said or what excuse I gave to who ever was at the front door, but Sherry took me in, gave me a full tour (I think she’d just gotten her chocolate room) and then sat me down at the bar and sent out plate after plate of her legendary desserts. I remember feeling totally in awe and as if I was being taken in by a close family member and the most amazing mentor at the same time. 

This last Wednesday I was able to attend a 3 hour cooking demonstration at Draeger’s in San Mateo with her. The time was filled with the same New York attitude and warmth that I remembered from our last acquaintance. She is just as amazing and talented as ever and her newest book Desserts by the Yard have left her a place forever in my heart.

One Response to “An Evening with Sherry Yard”

  1. […] just finished reading Sherry Yard’s Desserts by the Yard, a virtual autobiography through delectable desserts. This is the first […]

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