To Domestic Terrorists: “Stop or be Stopped”

Chefs that have 10 times the amount of love and respect for animals, than any average being, are being terrorized and their lives are being threatened by these ignorant fucks. We need to do something and we need to fight this. We need to support these chefs and farmers that are infinately more educated about where food comes from than any asshole in line at the salad bars they must congregate at. I haven’t been this livid and had my heart ache so bad, as I have today, hearing one chef’s daily fight with protesters and “domestic terroists.” These chefs honor and respect the animals, their lives, and what is produced from the entirety of the being by turning an entire animal into a virtual menu dedicated to every animal’s life. I could only dream of someone valuing my body in such a manor when I die.

We all need to appreciate where our food comes from more. Wether it is appreciating the harvesters of your farmer’s market corn, or the burger you get from wherever, these things don’t grow in packages and they don’t grow and pick themselves. The production of foie gras has definitely played the biggest role in the media, but dishes like tripe, blood sausage, and offals in general are apparently fueling the ignorant fanatics.

By the way, I have saved animals from shelters, I have read and shared stories and information about where our food comes from, supported CSA’s, fought unsustainable seafood farming, and I have helped to butcher freshly killed game. When you can bring that type of experience and knowledge to me in a rational manor, then we can talk, until then shut the f up and let’s fight the conglomerates together. They are the ones that need to be protested and regulated not my local chef doing everything in his power to sustain a restaurant.

And vegetarians, read The Secret Life of Plants, and open your f-ing eyes.


2 Responses to “To Domestic Terrorists: “Stop or be Stopped””

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