Ah, the Voice of Reason.

Thank you Mr. Bauer for reading my email, and responding here.

An excerpt from my email, that was the result of an interview that spurred my post, as well as the correspondence,  was at the head of his blog entry:

“I am currently working on a book, and after interviewing a San Francisco chef, I left furious, appalled and feeling incredibly sad. Apparently he receives death threats because of his offal menu. Did you know about this? Is there anything that can be done?”

In this comment I couldn’t have said it better myself:

Any chef who serves offal thereby utilizing an entire animal, from head to toe, should be respected more than those that don’t. If an animal is going to lose its life in order to feed us, I am happier knowing that none of it’s carcass goes to waste. Animal activists have to accept that the world isn’t going to stop eating meat anytime soon, in which case I would appreciate them putting their efforts into peacefully protesting against large scale factory farming of chickens, for example. I think you would find many meat eaters to join you on such a reasonable quest. Imagine what a movement that could be. Vegans and carnivores, with a shared goal.

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