The Economy: What are you doing?

Personally? I’m surfing the Craig’s List to no avail because Ocean Seasoning seems to be taking a turn for the worst, and don’t need me to come in so I’m: working on the book, watching the Wine Spectator podcast videos, and I’ll be drunk by 9. I’m drinking Duo, a SB from Casablanca Valley in Chile and munching on toasted mini baguettes and St Andre left over from a la minute “Philly Cheese Steak” sandwiches. It’s awesome to have a vacume dog that appreciates artisianal bread and wine that his drunken owner sloppily drops to the ground while blogging.

Speaking of the economy! Dogs are not cheap! Jesus, beyond the responsibility and surviving puppyhood, this cute MFer ate through a perfectly good and expensive 2nd row seatbelt and demands food made outside of tainted gluten riden China! That adds up! Maybe I’ll have to eat him or find a way to milk him for B&J.

Woohoo! Tip your servers when they get to show up for work! And BTW, which straws do you prefer for your 750 mils? I know my swirly straws would help to lighten the mood, but the tapioca pearl ones seem to get the job done!

One Response to “The Economy: What are you doing?”

  1. Me–I’m slurping organic Ramen with Lilli about once a week. I’m drinking wine I’ve never heard of before. I’m thinking about the way, in a few years, I’ll look back at this time and see it as a watershed. I’m not yet sure how (wish i could see the future). But last time around, when there was a stock market crash and a recession, my own life changed in big, surprising, life-affirming ways.

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