What I’m Reading: Eat, Memory: edited by Amanda Hesser


Ah, Amazon, how I love your suggestions! And your “one click” buy option! So easy to use when you’re half a magnum into the night.

Anyhoo, I finished Eat, Memory in less time than it took me to get through the latest Martha Holidays edition, and I have to say I am happy that this ended up on my shelf. That is, my new shelf. I had to come to terms with the fact that this whole Amazon “One Click” was garnering me books faster than I could create room, in my head, much less home, for them. Ikea came calling like a siren of organization.

My favorite story of the collection was the one about the almond carrot salad by chef Dan Barber of Blue Hill. I believed it wholeheartedly as I began reading it, then I truly felt his pain, panic, humility, and success as he dug himself into and then out of, an amazing, no, epic quandary.

Either way this is a great book with great recipes to match the stories (reminded me of Garlic and Sapphires in that regard), which are just short enough to retain my ever shortening attention span.

If you are interested, and you should be, Amanda Hesser will be spending an evening with the Common Wealth Club on December 4th in San Francisco.

On another note, a new regular at “Ocean Seasoning” has been sitting at the counter on weekend nights, quietly reading a novel, savoring glasses of wine, and sampling the menu while managing to have two free hands! Elsa Trexler gave me a quick tutorial on using a fork to hold open a book to its proper page, while propping the book up with a glasses case, or anything else to have the book at an angle that is easier to read. One look and I was sold! There is almost nothing that I enjoy more than having a fantastic meal and reading a great book. It’s true Blackberry, there is nothing that will substitute the original. Plus you make my thumbs ache.


PS Some books may take some wrangling to make this work, and while I never mind a few splashes of whatever it happens to be that I am enjoying (a nice reminder of where I was the next time I open the book) many of you will find this guaranteed resource invaluable to the cleanliness of your tomes.

One Response to “What I’m Reading: Eat, Memory: edited by Amanda Hesser”

  1. Elsa Trexler Says:

    Hi Melissa!
    I think your photo of the fork trick is a thing of beauty!
    I’m flattered to pieces to be included in your handsome website. Among all your other talents do you also do professional website building? I’m quite impressed.
    Oh, I do hope Rogue Chefs sees print! I’m already intrigued by the title and the concept,so I’ll be one of your earliest readers. Please let me know how things are progressing.
    See you soon at good old “Ocean Seasoning”,and thanks again for liking the book fork enough to get it into cyberspace.

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