The end of sulphites in wine?

Decanter recently published an article about a new UV technology that would eliminate the need for the addition of sulfur in wines.While many people claim to have adverse reactions to red wine because of this addition, the jury is still out as to what the real cause is.

What does sulfur do for wine?

Enobytes has a very in depth break down of what it is, what is does, and what it’s in, while Vineography makes a solid case for the traditional method as well as the new technology.

The effects of sulfur can be debated until the end of time (as can MSG’s), my thoughts? Keep it real, keep wines out of labs and in the vineyards. Oh, and don’t be scared of MSG.

One Response to “The end of sulphites in wine?”

  1. Mark Jones Says:

    Hi Melissa!

    I’m very impressed with your website!

    Tell me about MSG, I have believed for many years that it’s bad shit.


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