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Catching up

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Lots of catching up to do. I can see by the numbers that you’re still reading, so I feel like an ass for not posting for so long and for neglecting my original readers, I am so sorry. But maybe some of you have been following me and my more current endeavors: the SF WineChef podcast, getting the Inked Rogue Chefs proposal out there, the iPhone App for wine pronunciation Enotria Guide, and working full time as a Wine and Spirits Consultant for the most kick ass wine and spirits store in existence, K&L Wine Merchants. One other thing, I passed my Certified Sake Professional exam. But that’s no excuse. Well, maybe it’s a reason…
Ether way! I’m back! Or at least I’m going to try to throw in a few more posts about some of the more esoteric wine topics that I’m into. First ones that come to mind are Blaufrankish, Spatsburgunder, Zweigelt, and Gruner Veltliner. My position at K&L also includes liaison to the buyer for Germany, Alsace, Austria, Loire, and Eastern Europe. It was kind of a perfect match for someone into the esoteric. I have continued to hod my title of Turley Girl and into all things Cult. Dunn being my latest love. Then there’s the urban wineries, and of course the ridiculously complicated world of sake.


944 San Francisco: The Dissident Chef Article

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944 Article

Update on my life, such that it is…

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So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I’ll give you a quick synopsis then fill in at a later date.

The time line went something like this: Ocean Seasoning and I parted ways, the realizations of the unfounded accusations “I was aware of my poor performance” confounded by the possibility of immediately finding a job in this economy, mounting debt, first year of marriage, a new dog, and trying to get my shiz together for the book…pushed me just about over the edge. I had to fight for unemployment ( I didn’t know that was even an option), we had to move, and I was quickly running out of gas money to get to interviews. I had already been interviewing for months before my stint at Ocean Seasoning had ended (more often than not I was miserable, and in the 15 plus years of working in some of the most stress filled kitchens in the country, I never cried or let it affect me at work. While at OC, the chef drove me to hysterical bouts of tears on several occasions) but I was too comfortable to really leave. Problem was solved for me, so thanks.

Now that the unemployment checks are finally coming in (thanks for truly F ing that one up EDD), I’m not in a horrible state of crippling depression and I’ve become nigga rich and have been having crazy meals and spending my days having as much fun in the Bay Area as possible, reconecting with friends and eating truly wonderful food (on most occasions). Activities include but are not limited to: SCD dinner (10 courses of Beef in an undisclosed location in San Francisco), a private tour of the gin distillery No. 209 (thanks Arnie!), lunch at Waterbar, Lavende East, Bakesale Betty’s, beer at Jupiter and Triple Rock in Berkeley (stay tuned for that update!) $45 massages, walks in amazing locations with said dog (and husband), and last but not least, a gym membership…

And I’ve been cooking! Not usually for money, actually seldom for money, but stints have included cooking for an exclusive Sufi Retreat (No Booze, No Bacon, how does she do it?!), family and friend dinners (Carnitas with homemade tortillas , thanks to Steve, and oatmeal horchata), a 4 course for my granny and her group of sassy octogenarian frends, and random potlucks.

The book…querying agents. I didn’t get the one that I specifically was hoping for, but we’ll see. I’m still hoping for some interst from agents in the upcoming weeks, then I go straight to Chronicle and 10 Speed. I have gotten more awesome chefs, there does seem to be a lot of buzz about the book, I just need to sell it! Anyway, look me up on Facebook, there is also an Inked Rogue Chef group that you can join and follow. I am much better about updating Facebook with at least pictures of what I’m doing since I got a new crackberry with my refund.

Until next time, let me know what you want to see, hear, feedback, etc. Late.

Meatpaper Issue 7 with featured article on Inked Rogue Chefs

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pigMonths in the making and it’s almost here!

Inked Rogue Chefs Matt Finarelli, Chris Cossentino, Michael Symon, Jill Barron, Billy Barlow, and Jeremy Esterly will be featured in an article featuring chefs with pork related tattoos. 

Photographers from around the country and in England offered their services and I cannot wait to see what they’ve done. 

For a sneak peak at the photoshoot done by Eggbeater‘s Shuna Fish Lydon check out Matt’s blog Deglazed



Pick up Issue 7 now!

Inked Rogue Chefs Website!

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websiteI have launched a website to promote the Rogue Chefs book project. I have also gone ahead and changed the name of the book from Rogue Chefs to Inked Rogue Chefs, this will help to encapsulate the scope of the book, while avoiding the possibility of someone (an agent) just Googling Rogue Chefs (which will lead you to lame and sometimes awful websites completely unrelated to this kick ass book.).

Let me know what you think, there is definitely so much more to come, but I am always looking for new ideas or way to promote and expand the book.

SF Chronicle: 2008 Bay Area’s Best New Restaurants

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sf-chronicle-logoOh how I love the controversy surrounding best of lists, especially when it comes to restaurants and critics.

Here is a link and here is the list 10 of Michael Bauer’s 13 three star reviews of 2008 (personal opinions when not N/A are in parenthesis).

Yoshi’s 1330 Fillmore St. (near Eddy), San Francisco; (415) 655-5600

Flora 1900 Telegraph Ave. (at 19th Street), Oakland; (510) 286-0100

Someone’s promised to take me here…

Bar Jules 609 Hayes St. (at Laguna), San Francisco; (415) 621-5482

Chez Papa Resto 4 Mint Plaza (off Fifth Street, between Market and Mission streets)

David Bazirgan has signed up to be one of the Inked Rogue Chefs.

Beretta 1199 Valencia St. (at 23rd Street), San Francisco

Murray Circle 601 Murray Circle (at East Road), Sausalito

Camino 3917 Grand Ave. (near Sunnyslope), Oakland

Somehow I only ordered 4 items off of the bar menu and my husband and I walked out of there for $180…most of the food we had was great but the thimble size drinks that made up for the other $150 were NOT worth it and less than memorable, although the opposite goes for the splendid medieval decor.

Corso 3917 Grand Ave. (near Sunnyslope), Oakland

Moss Room 55 Music Concourse Drive (in the California Academy of Sciences), San Francisco

I can’t wait to go here and Chef Alicia Jenish is signed on to be an Inked Rogue Chef.

Nettie’s Crab Shack 2032 Union St. (near Buchanan), San Francisco

What I’m Reading: Dessert FourPlay

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2481036697_88fb9be4dfAs New York’s sexiest chef Johnny Iuzzini has committed to being an Inked Rogue Chef I was compelled to pre-order his book Dessert FourPlay, which finally arrived after Christmas, and after months of anticipation. I had no idea what to expect and had no intention of actually reading a recipe book (I know, not a typical chef’s perspective). Instead I found myself unable to put it down and inspired to do pastry again professionally (now if only there were any jobs…). The pictures are almost three dimensional and the desserts are all doable in a home kitchen. There is very little of the “molecular gastronomy” techniques or ingredients,which is impressive considering how inventive, haute and modern everything seems, and all of the ingredients that seem like they might be remotely inaccessible, Johnny clearly lists where to find them on the same recipe page! He uses tomatoes, parsley, balsamic vinegar, beets,  basil, and rhubarb pickles combines with vanilla, cream, chocolate, simple syrup and cake…and it all makes sense!

Most intriguing to me at this point? Powdered Coconut milk (used in a portion of the Strawberry FourPlay), Candied Beets, Herb scented fruit leather, and homemade Japanese Mochi!

Johnny plays with texture, flavor, temperature, innovation, and technique throughout the book, offers ways to cheat by “making it simpler”, and provides accessible resources. Each theme or ingredient is presented in four completely distinct versions that will be sure to open your mind and send your palate into another dimension. Dessert FourPlay will be the most invaluable book to the home or professional Rogue (pastry) Chef in recent memory.

To see a video clip of Johnny on ABC click here.