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Best Thai Peanut Sauce

Posted in Product Review, Thailand on February 5, 2009 by winechef

316856pI don’t know what it is about the peanut sauce that they serve at Thai restaurants but I haven’t able to duplicate one, or find one on the market that comes even close to the staple sweet spicy condiment.

I’m infamous for buying multiples of the same product to do comparison tastings at home and it wasn’t until recently that I found the PERFECT Thai Peanut Sauce. Maybe I’m the only one that is super jazzed about this, but trying to find a good recipe to pair with my fresh spring rolls has been a mission that has lasted too long, resulted in too many disappointments and wasted ingredients. 

Annie Chun’s Thai Peanut has no preservatives and nothing out of the ordinary in the ingredient list but it is unbeatably delicious. Just the right amount of sweet, acid, spice, and viscosity.


Street Food In Thailand

Posted in Thailand on July 4, 2008 by winechef

We’ve returned, scented with kaffir limes and palm sugar. After the third night of eating out at restaurants, I’d finally had it. We were spending way more money than I had planned and the food wasn’t that great, and I wasn’t getting buzzed from the Barbie sized cocktails. The next day we hailed a cab, had him drive us just to the edge of the town, and instructed him we were hungry…for street food. We sat on a dirt shoulder above the rock lined beach, watching the waves crash among people reaching into the crevasses for crabs and other sea creatures that could be grilled on their moped kitchens, and savored the flavors. Pad thai, griddled quail eggs, omelets in banana boat leaves, waffles shaped like fish, and countless cups of  iced coffee.