944 San Francisco: The Dissident Chef Article

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944 Article


What I’m Reading: The Billionaire’s Vinegar by Benjamin Wallace

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billionairesvinegarThe Mystery of The World’s Most Expensive Bottle of Wine.

An absolutely mind-blowing read.The story unravels like a murder mystery. Or was there ever a murder? Did the wine ever exist? This story of wine counterfeiters, bottles auctioned for over $30,000, tampered corks, bottles, labels had me on the edge of my seat from the get go, trying to keep up with the names, the wines, the regions, the auctions, the tastings…the research put into this book was astounding. From Thomas Jefferson’s records to tracking the culprit across the world, following up with auctioneers, billionaires, and wine professionals. The sales, the tasting, and the accusations continued for nearly two decades when lab research began to confirm suspicions; while the findings are inconclusive, Wallace is able to portray every side of the story, allowing the reader to draw their own conclusions. This book is equivocal to Dan Brown’s Da Vinci Code and is a must read for everyone with even the faintest interest in wine.

Also available abridged on Audible.

What I’m Reading: Will Write For Food by Dianne Jacob

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Will Write for Food coverIn preparation for an upcoming class at the Writing Salon with fellow Baker’s Dozen member Dianne Jacob I have taken WWFF off of the shelf and have committed to rereading it by the July 11th class date. This will be the final step before submitting the proposal for Inked Rogue Chefs directly to Ten Speed Press and the Chronicle.

In addition to that I will be getting back on the blogging band wagon and writing more than ever. I’m also starting the Bay Area Winechef podcast by the end of the week, which will cover local farmer’s markets, Bay Area chefs, industry writers, and interviews with some of the most amazing people in the industry.

Then who knows, hopefully this will be the begining of something extraordinary!

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The Dissident Chef: Subculture Dining

My new obsession.

Update on my life, such that it is…

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So it’s been a long time since I’ve posted, I’ll give you a quick synopsis then fill in at a later date.

The time line went something like this: Ocean Seasoning and I parted ways, the realizations of the unfounded accusations “I was aware of my poor performance” confounded by the possibility of immediately finding a job in this economy, mounting debt, first year of marriage, a new dog, and trying to get my shiz together for the book…pushed me just about over the edge. I had to fight for unemployment ( I didn’t know that was even an option), we had to move, and I was quickly running out of gas money to get to interviews. I had already been interviewing for months before my stint at Ocean Seasoning had ended (more often than not I was miserable, and in the 15 plus years of working in some of the most stress filled kitchens in the country, I never cried or let it affect me at work. While at OC, the chef drove me to hysterical bouts of tears on several occasions) but I was too comfortable to really leave. Problem was solved for me, so thanks.

Now that the unemployment checks are finally coming in (thanks for truly F ing that one up EDD), I’m not in a horrible state of crippling depression and I’ve become nigga rich and have been having crazy meals and spending my days having as much fun in the Bay Area as possible, reconecting with friends and eating truly wonderful food (on most occasions). Activities include but are not limited to: SCD dinner (10 courses of Beef in an undisclosed location in San Francisco), a private tour of the gin distillery No. 209 (thanks Arnie!), lunch at Waterbar, Lavende East, Bakesale Betty’s, beer at Jupiter and Triple Rock in Berkeley (stay tuned for that update!) $45 massages, walks in amazing locations with said dog (and husband), and last but not least, a gym membership…

And I’ve been cooking! Not usually for money, actually seldom for money, but stints have included cooking for an exclusive Sufi Retreat (No Booze, No Bacon, how does she do it?!), family and friend dinners (Carnitas with homemade tortillas , thanks to Steve, and oatmeal horchata), a 4 course for my granny and her group of sassy octogenarian frends, and random potlucks.

The book…querying agents. I didn’t get the one that I specifically was hoping for, but we’ll see. I’m still hoping for some interst from agents in the upcoming weeks, then I go straight to Chronicle and 10 Speed. I have gotten more awesome chefs, there does seem to be a lot of buzz about the book, I just need to sell it! Anyway, look me up on Facebook, there is also an Inked Rogue Chef group that you can join and follow. I am much better about updating Facebook with at least pictures of what I’m doing since I got a new crackberry with my refund.

Until next time, let me know what you want to see, hear, feedback, etc. Late.

Meatpaper Issue 7 with featured article on Inked Rogue Chefs

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pigMonths in the making and it’s almost here!

Inked Rogue Chefs Matt Finarelli, Chris Cossentino, Michael Symon, Jill Barron, Billy Barlow, and Jeremy Esterly will be featured in an article featuring chefs with pork related tattoos. 

Photographers from around the country and in England offered their services and I cannot wait to see what they’ve done. 

For a sneak peak at the photoshoot done by Eggbeater‘s Shuna Fish Lydon check out Matt’s blog Deglazed



Pick up Issue 7 now!

What I’m Watching: Bottle Shock

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bottleshockA story that many wine nerds and historians know by heart, the 1976 tasting of California wines versus the wines of France, in which Chateau Montelena’s Chardonnay came out on top, alerting the world to the fact that our wines were a force to be reckoned with, made its way onto the big screen. An entertaining, yet overly dramatic movie featuring a cast of B list actors tell the tale of the Barrett’s, Steven Spurrier, and the most influential blind tasting of all time. While not a must see, it is available on Netflix Instant Watch, and goes well with almost any bottle of wine and a night off (which more and more of us seem to have plenty of).

Chateau Montelena on the other hand, is a winery not to be missed. cmcimg1542cmlake