Inked Rogue Chefs

Inked Rogue Chefs
rogue: a person whose behavior one disapproves of but is nonetheless likable or attractive.

Rogue Chefs is a coffee table version of Kitchen Confidential. By focusing on tattooed chefs we are exposing those for whom being a chef is not merely a phase, but a way of life. When caught outside of their restaurants, without the chef whites, their identity is forever embedded in their skin, tying them and their passion to the stove.

With a concentration on vivid thought provoking photographs, intimate interviews, and personally meaningful recipes, the chefs that have their devotion to their craft permanently pronounced on their bodies will be at the center of this book. Their life experiences, inside and out of America’s best restaurants will give the public a glimpse into the kitchen and into the lives of today’s top “chef-lebrities”.

The list of committed chefs include Food Network stars, “chef-testants” from Top Chef and Hells Kitchen, Michelin starred chefs, and notable neighborhood chefs from cities ranging from New York to San Francisco.

Please visit the Inked Rogue Chefs website for more information.

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